Does This Mean We're Married?

Opposites may attract, but their love stories can often be repellent, as these two movies about odd couples clearly demonstrate. Does This Mean We’re Married? is nothing more than a weak translation of the hit Green Card. Patsy Kensit (Twenty-One) plays an American in Paris who marries a stranger (Stephane Freiss) in order to stay in the country. Much to their surprise (but not ours), they fall in love. In I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore Jason Alexander (better known as the neurotic George on Seinfeld) plays a chubby shoe-store owner with a taste for Hershey Kisses until he meets a svelte, attractive psychology student (Nia Peeples) worth slimming down for. Even George-ophiles should pass on this dull love story, unless they want to fast-forward and glimpse him in his underwear (red bikinis, in case you’re wondering).
Does This Mean We’re Married? D-
I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore: D+

Does This Mean We're Married?
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