The 11 young style setters on these pages demonstrate 10 gorgeously different ways of putting oneself together. They demonstrate the new look of entertainment: witty, individualistic, self-confident. And they demonstrate what anyone watching the traffic on any city street can see: that a new generation of actors and musicians are the fashion models for millions of private citizens who (inspired by Chuck D’s baseball shirts or Jami Gertz’s talent for flea-market fashion finds or Drew Barrymore’s honey-toned bod in La Perla lingerie) are going out and buying snazzy new tops and bottoms, too. And since style is in the details as well as in the Total Look, read further: We also present an almanac of star-quality accessories seen everywhere these days-everywhere development deals are done.

Woo woo, Drew! The former E.T. cutie and now the star of Poison Ivy and CBS’ 2000 Malibu Road grew into this enviable shape with the spotlight on her: She’s now 17, drug-free, and recently engaged to 23-year-old actor James Walters (The Heights). Hers is the yum-yum look made possible by good workouts and a lot of nerve — a look that says, ”Hey, getta loada this.” ”These clothes make me feel sexually elegant,” says Barrymore, who liked the La Perla she tried on for us so much that she bought several of the items for herself.

An antique shirt here, a guy’s vest there, and pretty soon you have what 26-year-old actress Jami Gertz (Sibs, Less Than Zero) calls her ”postmodern Annie Hall look.” It’s an eclectic, mix-it-up style particularly popular among young actors-in-training who scrounge flea markets and thrift shops looking for old clothes, even older jewelry, and put it all together with pizzazz. Here’s Jami looking pizzazzy in a mixed-up menswear jacket and vest. ”I like dressing like a guy. I feel tough,” she says, all woman.

When you’re rapmaster Chuck D and your group, Public Enemy, is big on the charts, and kids on the street are imitating you anyway, this is what you do: You start your own clothing line of funky shirts and hats and baggy shorts — hey, call it Rapp Style! — and you’ve got maximum chill.

The Lady is no lady. She’s Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, she’s born to be wild, she’s Lady Kier Kirby, the fashion-forward lead singer of the dance-all-night group Deee-Lite. And she makes everything groovy — including the leopard — print mallot she’s seen swinging in here. Inspired by go-go boots, psychedelic prints, the versatility of wigs, and the exquisite fashion sense of the downtown New York drag queens who have become her friends, Kier is herself the music world’s queen of changeability, mixing cutting-edge high fashion with cheap finds. And here’s the lowdown: She pulls it off in high style.

Jennie Garth and Ian Ziering — does anyone in the universe not know they’re in Beverly Hills, 90210? — show what we mean when we say California casual but oh-so-expensively-upscale: He’s in a suit by Agnes b., she’s in a dress by Betsey Johnson, and together they make dressing up look as relaxing as a day at the beach.