Radio Flyer

Unfortunately this expensive and irresponsible blend of Hollywood fantasy and the grim reality of child abuse loses none of its impact on video. Watching it is a completely stressful experience. Two small brothers (Elijah Wood and Joseph Mazzello) concoct a suicide pact of sorts to escape the blows of their awful, alcoholic stepfather (Adam Baldwin) and the complicity of their otherwise nice mom (Lorraine Bracco). Radio Flyer suggests dealing with abuse by flying away from it in a little red wagon — or some other dreamy and helpful means. Director Richard Donner (the Lethal Weapon series) even tries out-tugging Steven Spielberg in the aggressiveness of his sentimentality by introducing a self-sacrificing German shepherd as well as a tear-streaked, lonely buffalo with whom the boys identify. Shame on this careless, outrageously stupid film.

Radio Flyer
  • Movie
  • 114 minutes