Readers respond to Arsenio Hall, Ice-T, and Courtney Love

Once again Jay Leno proves to be the classiest (as well as the most talented) of the late-night talk-show hosts. You have to admire a guy who’s taken abuse from all sides and still manages to come out on top in the ratings wars. Leno is the newest king of late night. Arsenio’s ”personal” problem with Jay is nothing more than jealousy and insecurity on his part.
Stephen Emirzian
Hartford, Conn.

Why go into this big thing about the Arsenio Hall-Jay Leno feud? Let the ratings tell who wins. Personally I believe Leno and Hall are the two worst late-night talk-show hosts on the air right now. David Letterman is no doubt the funniest host. Dennis Miller was a close second before his show ended. I would rather watch Bob Costas any day than Hall or Leno. None of them are as good as you-know-who. Come back, Johnny!!!!
Mark Kowalski
Sterling Heights, Mich.

Arsenio Hall is not talented, funny, or insightful. He sounds like a child fighting in the playground when he vows to kick Leno’s ass. I only hope the people of America see through this third-rate parody of a talk-show host and tune in to the new Tonight Show without that overrated dinosaur, Johnny Carson.
Frank J. DeGennaro
Monsey, N.Y.

Hey, Arsenio! Hey, Jay! I just have one small thing to say, ”Can we all just get along?”
Rodney Fyke


Thanks to Greg Sandow et al. for their analysis of the Ice-T controversy, which was particularly insightful considering that EW (like ”Cop Killer”) is a Time Warner product. In the article, I’m quoted as saying, ”I can’t get anybody to agree with me” that ”Cop Killer” is constitutionally protected speech; happily, your own poll indicates that a significant percentage of respondents do believe antipolice sentiment to be constitutionally protected, although a much smaller number specifically supports the right of ”Cop Killer” to exist. This is a typical problem in our society: We support free speech as a concept but question it in practice when we don’t agree with the viewpoint being expressed. Somehow, someday, we must come to realize that the First Amendment is worthless unless it applies to everyone.
Jon Cummings
ACLU Arts Censorship Project
New York City


I was outraged to read (in News & Notes) of Hole leader Courtney Love’s heroin use during her pregnancy. It’s bad enough that she and husband Kurt Cobain of Nirvana are digging early graves for themselves, but to turn their unborn child into a heroin addict — or, more likely, a stillborn baby — is irresponsible and unconscionable. If they didn’t want their child after all, an abortion would have been better than slowly murdering the poor little creature with their drug abuse. And Vanity Fair is worried about just showing the pregnant Love smoking?
Dorian Tenore-Bartilucci
Elmont, N.Y.