The Little Yellow Learning Bus

This set of four hour-long cassette tapes packaged in a wooden toy bus is a bargain at $14.99. But four hours’ worth of these hyperactive stories, songs, and raps may make you wish you’d paid more and gotten less.

The Little Yellow Learning Bus covers the alphabet, numbers, health and safety, and foreign cultures. The last is best, with six ethnographic and mythic stories from Burma, Russia, and other countries told to music. In ”The Wave,” an old Japanese man saves his village from a tidal wave. The multicultural story is unforgettable and worth the nightmares it may generate.

Unfortunately, ”Learning Bus”’ other three tapes are overtly educational and so shrill they could be commercial jingles: ”Cow, crow, catch, and cat/C is the letter we’re at.” Give me Dr. Seuss! Still, the toy is cute.

The Little Yellow Learning Bus
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