Cooking with your kids is a fun and instructive, if messy, enterprise. Chances are your child will have a wonderful time trying to create the intentionally silly-looking dishes shown in Let’s Cook (a bowl of spinach gets googly eyes from eggs with tomato irises). The basics are laid out in the beginning, with a labeled photograph introducing the child to everything from a saute pan to a trick to see whether eggs are still fresh (it’s all in how they float).

Let’s Bake is more ambitious and also more fun. Though there’s no chance your child can make the professionally rendered sweet lambs and candy dragons shown in the pictures-creations that are even beyond the grasp of this somewhat adept adult-they should be able to handle yummy chocolate cakelets in the shape of hedgehogs (slivered almonds become spikes) and funny faces cookies.
Let’s Cook: B-
Let’s Bake: B+