Blame It On the Bellboy

For a movie that lasted about a week in theaters, this mistaken-identity farce is surprisingly entertaining. Blame that on an antic ensemble. Dudley Moore is a browbeaten flunky sent to Venice to buy a villa, Bryan Brown is a sensitive hit man hired to ice a local mafioso, and Richard Griffiths is a married gentleman in town for a computer-dating fling. Because bellboy Bronson Pinchot mixes up their messages, the three men wind up keeping each other’s appointments: Griffiths with real estate sharpie Patsy Kensit, Brown with a prim computer date-and Moore with the Mafia. The resulting complications rarely reach their madcap potential. Yet in this era of freeze-dried, one-joke comedies, even a half-baked farce doesn’t seem half bad. Lower your expectations for one evening at home, and give Blame it on the Bellhop a whirl.

Blame It On the Bellboy
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