Fall movie preview

Gargantuan budgets! Titanic toddlers! Exploding buildings! Stars with egos the ; size of Godzilla! Everything about the summer blockbuster season seemed overstuffed even when the movies themselves turned out to be lightweights. But now the silly season’s over, and moviemakers are ready to get serious again. This fall they’ll bring us real estate scammers who spout David Mamet’s Pulitzer Prize-winning dialogue, Tim Robbins’ darkly comic look at the underside of politicking, Ridley Scott’s lavish reinterpretation of the life of a tortured Columbus, and Robert Redford’s family drama A River Runs Through It. Geena Davis shows up as a high-powered TV newswoman who learns firsthand about heroism, Billy Crystal chucks the dusty trail for the one-liner circuit as a washed-up comic, and Andy Garcia discovers a Jennifer problem far scarier than that facing either presidential candidate. Here’s our guide to 38 of the fall’s most colorful offerings, including a behind-the-scenes report on the filming of the romantic epic The Last of the Mohicans.