After the steady, 10-week chart success of Temple of the Dog, the collaborative album from members of Seattle’s Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, Stardog/Mercury Records must have sniffed the air and seized the day: It will reissue Apple, the only album from the short-lived Seattle band Mother Love Bone.

Before Apple’s original release back in 1990, Mother Love Bone leader Andrew Wood died of a heroin overdose. ”At that time, there was never any thought of the band trying to re-form. (Bassist Jeff Ament and guitarist Stone Gossard) just started over, basically, as Pearl Jam,” says Kelly Curtis, Mother Love Bone’s ex-manager and Pearl Jam’s current manager. Apple went more or less ignored at the time. Now the two-CD reissue will include Shine, the band’s five-song EP, and an extra track, ”Lady Godiva Blues.”

The whole package will be promoted by two MTV-ready videos discovered in the record company’s vault.