The Lawnmower Man

THE LAWNMOWER MAN Jeff Fahey, Pierce Brosnan (1992, New Line, $94.99, R/ unrated) Though it barely resembles the Stephen King short story and the author sued to have his name removed from the credits, Lawnmower Man is among the better movies adapted from King. The much hyped computer animation, representing ”virtual reality,” is indeed impressive. But the deeper kick comes from the story line, in which simpleton handyman Jeff Fahey becomes the guinea pig for scientist Pierce Brosnan’s mind-expanding experiments.

On video, this movie is available in both the theatrically released R-rated version and an unrated version with 32 added minutes. Not just the usual cutting-room-scraps ”footage added for video,” these scenes expand the roles, of several key characters while clarifying-and intensifying- important plot points. If you saw this movie in theaters, you haven’t really seen it. R- rated: B- Unrated: B+

The Lawnmower Man
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