How to Enjoy Wine

HOW TO ENJOY WINE (1992, Public Media, $14.95, 800-262-8600) Author-expert Hugh Johnson is an aggressive antisnob who can drolly offer such tips as serving ”your naive little domestic money saver” in a crystal decanter, making it at least look like a Lafitte. Throughout this tape, the chummy Englishman forgoes stuffy discourse on vintages and growths to cut to such wine-culture basics as corkscrew selection and using hairspray to secure bottle labels against dampness. His hallmarks are a sense of frugality (such as using sections of drainpipe to build a storage bin) and great wit. The latter peaks with a comical sketch about ordering restaurant wines, which has laugh-out- loud moments distilled straight from the Peter Sellers/John Cleese chateau of British whimsy. A

How to Enjoy Wine
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