From the Heart

Doug Stone: From the Heart (Epic) Balladeer Doug Stone launched his career in 1990 with ”I’d Be Better Off (in a Pine Box),” one of country music’s premier songs about grief and loss. Since then, however, Stone has deteriorated into an audio version of a Harlequin Romance—his tunes are too often sappy, lightweight tales of infatuation and starry-eyed courtship. There’s nothing here that even vaguely attempts to convey honest pain. Still, he balances the stupidity and the schmaltz with a couple of decent forays into depression, including ”This Empty House,” and the up-tempo comic relief of ”Leave Me the Radio.” Stone’s got a legitimate pillow-talk baritone, but he doesn’t know what to do with it except put his full, Georgia lips right up to your ear. That’s a nice place to start, but hardly to finish. C+

From the Heart
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