Marlon Brando to play Buddha?

Moore and more: They call it ”the evil black dress”—a $3,000 Thierry Mugler snatched off a Beverly Hills Saks rack and sewn onto Demi Moore for her metamorphosis in the upcoming Indecent Proposal. The problem: His frocks are made for A-cup models; mommy Demi is a C. Saks sold her the next size up; again, no go. Eight futile fittings later, her personal tailor, John Hayles, was flown from L.A. to the Vegas set. Final cost: about $25,000. Now, we’ve all seen the bosom in question on magazine covers-so, is it all Demi? ”They’re real, honey,” says Hayles. ”You can take my word, I’m an expert on it.”…

Palace coup: NBC has already locked up miniseries rights to this year’s Big Book-Andrew Morton’s Diana: Her True Story—but the competition is giving the network a royal pain. CBS is rushing into production with The Women of Windsor, a three-hour TV movie written by Peter Lefcourt (author of the comic gay-baseball novel The Dreyfus Affair) about the travails of both Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson. Windsor will air Nov. 1, well before NBC’s Diana….

Don’t invite them to a block party: Newcomers Mary Hart and husband Burt Sugarman had already been dubbed ”privacy geeks” by locals for putting guards and surveillance equipment on their 130-acre spread on Whitefish Lake, Mont. Now the duo is carrying their keep-out policy further: They want to lease 50 acres of adjoining public land and erect a mile-long split-rail cedar fence. The state lands department should decide on the lease by October….

Gee spot: The title video for Madonna’s October Erotica album, produced by Bobby Woods of Heart Times Coffee Cup Equals Lightning productions, uses footage of the making of her forthcoming photo-fantasy book, Sex. Madonna spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg says they’re considering a cable release, along with an erotic home-video package….

How about Brando as Buddha? Director Bernardo Bertolucci (The Last Emperor) travels to Nepal next month to start shooting his $30 million movie, Little Buddha, about a Seattle 8-year-old named Julian who is told he’s Buddha reborn. A source close to the production says the director has spoken to Marlon Brando (star of Bertolucci’s 1972 Last Tango in Paris) about playing a Dalai Lama figure and to Eric Stoltz about playing Julian’s dad.