FINAL ANALYSIS Richard Gere, Kim Basinger (1992, Warner, $94.99, R) This insanely ridiculous psychological thriller stars Richard Gere as a lonely psychiatrist who goes mad for the beautiful sister (Kim Basinger) of one of his patients (Uma Thurman). When his beloved’s mobster husband (Eric Roberts) turns up dead, the lovesick doctor doesn’t stop to analyze the situation. He rushes to her defense—and finds himself drawn into her web of intrigue.

Shot in deep golden tones—even the courtroom is softly lit—this dark, brooding movie appears mostly muddy on video. Endless close-ups of Gere’s Romanesque profile and Basinger’s big lips make you claustrophobic, and the stilted, often whispered dialogue heightens frustration rather than suspense. Inconsistencies abound, particularly in the climactic scene where the weather changes from bright and sunny to dark and rainy with no explanation. In the end, Final Analysis is one head trip not worth taking. F

Final Analysis
  • Movie
  • 124 minutes