Remember those teaser ads months before the the trailer for Batman Returns? Well, Nike is taking the art of hype one dizzy step further with a trailer for an ad. The latest installment in the TV campaign for its Air Ballistic Force shoe is the ultimate game of one-on-one-”Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley,” starring the one and only Dream Team clown prince himself, to debut Sept. 9.

Japan’s Toho Co. licensed the Godzilla name and vintage movie footage for the 30-second spots. The F/X wizards at LucasArts’ Industrial Light & Magic then put a guy in a monster suit and blew up Sir Charles to mega-size so he could dribble and score against a goggled Godzilla.

The showdown thrilled Godzilla’s people. ”Charles Barkley is a very famous basketball star,” says Junro Otagawa, general manager of Toho’s L.A. office, ”and also he is very big. Godzilla has never fought with a guy like him.”