Strangers in Good Company

There may be little room in theaters for a modest film like Strangers in Good Company, but there is plenty on video. Otherwise this small Canadian movie would have vanished after its brief run. Six elderly women and their younger bus driver get stranded in the middle of nowhere and show just how resourceful they can be, setting up residence in an abandoned Andrew Wyeth-style house, catching frogs to eat, and fashioning fish traps out of panty hose. Along the way, they get to confront their fears and their mortality, as well as comfort each other. Dramatically speaking, the deck is conveniently stacked (there’s a lesbian, a nun, and a Mohawk Indian), and the entire outing is definitely low-key. Yet, with its bucolic setting and lazy pace, this might be the perfect video to rent before the last slap of the screen door and the end of summer.

Strangers in Good Company
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