Everybody's Free

Straight outta Zambia, via Zimbabwe and London, Rozalla is clubland’s hottest star. Even though her songs clock in at a faster-than-a-speeding-bullet aural blur of 130 beats per minute, the Queen of Rave knows that any fool can jack your body; the real deal is having great tunes, and she has ’em. And unlike some dance artists who are pulsating puppets yanked by their producers, Rozalla radiates independence. She seizes the mystical, richly textured, techno-house reins and rides, stating her case with total clarity and power, injecting heart and depth into a genre that is often soulless. Everybody’s Free contains her top 10 Euro pop and dance hits, including the incandescent ”Are You Ready to Fly?” and the soaring title cut, already a Top 40 hit in the States. Rozalla’s blend of pop smarts and rave’s abandon is light-years beyond the standard-issue diva wail, and is one of the best dance records of ’92.

Everybody's Free
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