Shorty the Pimp

Too $hort has got an answer for the many critics who accuse him of always using the same globs of pulsating bass and X-rated ideas as a crutch. He doesn’t care. An Oakland-based rapper with one gold and two platinum albums, Too $hort knows exactly what his fans want, and Shorty the Pimp delivers lavishly. The beats are round, fat, and as unhurried as a day spent cruising in a jeep, remarkable only for their rumble. Over the years, Too $hort has gotten a little less dirty and a tad more political. Where ”I Ain’t Nothin’ But a Dog” or ”Hoes” might make you blush, ”I Want to Be Free (That’s the Truth)” displays a passion for social justice. What hasn’t changed is his delivery, an oddly compelling, twangy drawl that oozes confidence. Given the record’s stunning debut at No. 6 in the pop charts, Too $hort has nothing to worry about.

Shorty the Pimp
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