Hear My Song

Some movies from the U.K., like Bill Forsyth’s fey Scottish reel, ”Local Hero,” inspire undying affection, and, happily, video can recall them at a moment’s notice. Hear My Song, Peter Chelsom’s fanciful Irish fable, is another such film, defying expectations at every turn in its charming path. A smooth but shady nightclub operator (Adrian Dunbar) returns to the Auld Sod to hustle a famous tenor (Ned Beatty), wanted for 25 years for tax evasion, into performing in Britain. Going home gives the owner the chance to become real again; going back allows the tenor to make peace with himself.

Stunningly shot, though perhaps losing a little scaled down to the smaller screen, Hear My Song is nevertheless graced with a genuine whimsy, juggling such topics as bottomless wells, belief in fairies, the Miss Dairy Goodness beauty contest, as well as the screen’s most memorable tooth extraction. Every bit part shines and twinkles. It’s just a darlin’ film.

Hear My Song
  • Movie
  • 104 minutes