One Night Stand: John Riggi

You wanna watch this summer series of stand-up comedy acts with the right attitude, you gotta be prepared to heckle. Some of the stuff in One Night Stand is awful — and there’s nothing so liberating as a good, well-placed ahhh, shaddup addressed to the screen when some guy is going on and on about something stupid. Then again, sometimes there’s nothing so liberating as the musings of a depressed, angry, oddball comic like John Riggi. I don’t know what it is about him — his beady little glower, his delivery that sometimes sounds unnervingly like Benny on L.A. Law — but he does good, angry, oddball riffs on sweating and drinking and driving and sex and the National Geographic Society membership card as a form of ID and, well, I never wanted to say shaddup once. Which is high praise, stand-up audiencewise.

One Night Stand: John Riggi
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