The ''Simpsons'' creator is working on a videogame based on the series

”Anybody can turn on the television set. It takes a certain kind of coordination and emotional alienation to play video games,” says The Simpsons creator Matt Groening, who has been busy helping to develop a video game line based on the TV series. Five titles are available now, and three new games will be released in late August. Groening has final approval of all the story lines and character designs. So far, he has changed everything from the color of Bart’s eyes (they looked too yellow) in Bart’s Nightmare to characters’ names (in Bartman Meets Radioactive Man, Queen Ant DeLuvian became the livelier Queen Grouchina) to maintain Simpsons integrity as well as to avoid the shortcomings he sees in many video games. ”I find games in which you press the button as fast as you can for as long as you can really tedious. I like games that take you to weird new worlds,” he says. In Bartman, Groening says with a chuckle, ”we have villains like Braino the Magnificent, Larceny Laugh, Larva Girl. It’s just crazy stuff.” It’s stuff that also offers the artist a distraction from Bart and his brood, something Groening might welcome more of. Alluding to his adult-oriented, syndicated comic strip, he quips: ”I’d consider doing a Life in Hell game, but I don’t think you can say ‘hell’ in Nintendo games.”