Readers respond to 'Northern Exposure,' Mary-Chapin Carpenter, and Slash

Poll Vault

I look forward to your magazine’s entertainment poll issue every year. It’s by far the best issue Entertainment Weekly produces. Every little curiosity I have about someone is right here in this one issue. It tells me who’s hot and who’s not, and what’s in and what’s out. I just wish I didn’t have to wait so long for the next one to come.
Trevor Raven
Reynoldsburg, Ohio

I was pleased when I got the poll issue of your magazine. I skimmed through all of it and then got very angry. Instead of naming specific ethnic groups other than white, you just clumped them into a pile of ”nonwhites.” I looked a little more closely and found the term non-white used in 10 different sections of the poll. To be thrown in a ”nonwhite” bunch is a huge put-down.
Jennifer Wharton
Pittsburg, Calif.

I totally disagree with your 1992 poll question about who has the silliest hair. I see nothing silly about Michael Bolton’s hair. The thing that is silly is that Don King and Slash (of Guns N’ Roses) weren’t included. They show what silly hair is all about. In fact, the whole question was damn silly.
Keena Harrison
South Carrallton, Ky.

King David

Thanks, Ken Tucker, for your article on David Letterman. No one is funnier on late-night TV. Everyone who has come after him (i.e., Dennis Miller, Pat Sajak, Allan Havey, Arsenio Hall) has tried to imitate his unique, sarcastic sense of humor. I admire Dave for not trying to be trendy, unlike Arsenio, who has never made me laugh as hard as Dave has.
Linda Michaels
San Francisco

Country Comer

If Mary-Chapin Carpenter’s album Come On Come On isn’t embraced by the public as one of the year’s finest albums — country or otherwise — then I’ll personally start listening to rap music. Thanks for your great review of the album. Come on, come on, America. Man cannot live by Garth alone.
Jon Mittler
Amherst, Ohio

Man of Few Words

If the Pulitzer Prize Committee ever decided to have an award in the category Best Description of an Individual in the Fewest Words, my vote would go to Jim Mullen for his Hot Sheet contribution, to wit: ”Howie Mandel — a summer replacement for what? Mister Rogers on Crack?” Bull’s-eye!
Harvey Selwitz
Benton, Ky.

Regarding Jim Mullen’s mention of Rob Morrow’s problem with making $20,000 per episode on Northern Exposure, I couldn’t agree more. Morrow needs to understand something: His character could easily be written out of the show. The other actors can carry the show without Morrow’s presence, just as the show could go on if any of the others left. Someone should remind Morrow that M*A*S*H didn’t fold when original cast members left. Northern Exposure certainly will survive if he chooses to leave.
Patsy Godley
Fredericksburg, Va.