Madonna, John Lennon, and Prince made headlines this week

Socialist Girl: After exhausting all personal revelations, Madonna may soon delve into international intrigue. Screenwriter Adam Greenman (Three of Hearts) has just finished a script for Her Blondness based on Joseph Koenig’s 1988 novel, Little Odessa, about a Russian immigrant in Brooklyn who gets involved with expatriate spies. In development at Hollywood Pictures, Odessa might not be too much of a stretch for the Material Girl. ”It’s really a story about a girl who is desperate to make it in America,” Greenman says.

Imagine That: Jon Wiener, author of Come Together: John Lennon and His Time, is one step closer to getting the FBI’s file on John Lennon. The Supreme Court recently upheld a lower court decision that the FBI must prove that releasing certain pages would jeopardize national security. ”I assume that the withheld files have nothing interesting about Lennon,” Weiner says, ”but may contain material that reveals FBI misconduct or abuse of power by Richard Nixon.” An FBI spokesman says the agency will make its case in court. Both sides are due to confer in U.S. District Court in L.A. on Aug. 17.

Virgin Berth: In what could be an effort to update his hot-pants image, Prince has made an atypical choice for his latest female protegee. Reputedly the inspiration behind his September album (its title is a symbol that combines the male and female signs), she’s an 18-year-old prima ballerina/belly dancer, whose honor, according to an insider, is ”still intact.” Spotted by the Purple One in Frankfurt, Mayte Garcia will appear in several Prince projects, including his next video (for the song ”7”) and the second issue of his yet- untitled DC comic-book series, due late this summer. So, are the unlikely duo an item? ”I would be comfortable,” Prince’s spokesman says, ”saying they’re close.”.

Men in Love: Total Eclipse is being bruited in the industry as a ”gay” Dangerous Liaisons, not only for its sexual bent but also because both movies were adapted for the screen by Christopher Hampton from his plays. Unlike Liaisons, this French drama, which the playwright set at the turn of the century, focuses on two male lovers consumed in a fatal relationship (John Malkovich’s agent confirms he is set for one role; sources say River Phoenix will costar). French media giant Canal Plus is financing the project, to film in late 1992 under director Volker Schlondorff (The Tin Drum).

Written by: Giselle Benatar, Jane Birnbaum, Leonard Klady