July 31, 1992 at 04:00 AM EDT
We gave it a B-

Troop first hit the charts as teens, and now, veterans in their 20s, they seem to be having an image rethink. Their third album, Deepa, opens with upbeat, synth-propelled, R&B-pop bonbons about how and why they love their girls. And ”Whatever It Takes (to Make You Stay),” already a hit, is a buoyantly seductive overture that reeks of good intentions. But for most of the disc Troop puts the brakes on kind and gentle riffs and careens headfirst into more adult (read: overtly sexual) turf. The, ahem, highlight is the title cut, a six-minute-plus ”do me” opus, complete with orgasmic panting that would make a porn star blush. Much more honest and mature than this clumsy and obvious stab at ecstasy is the PG-rated slow jam, ”Come Back to Your Home.” While Troop is entitled to grow up, they’re best when they maintain their innocence.

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