A Robin Williams quiz -- See if you can match the quip to the character

Like many actors, Hook‘s Robin Williams brings a lot of his own personal style to his movie characterizations. The thing is, Williams’ style is such an idiosyncratic splatter of improv shtick that it’s often hard to tell exactly whom he’s supposed to be playing. See if you can, by matching the Williams material in the left column with the characters in the right.

1. ”Thank you, Judge Wapner.” Later: ”Hi-ho, Silver!”

2. Impressions of Billie Burke, Munchkins, the Wicked Witch, and two references to ruby slippers. Later: ”We’re not in Kansas.”

3. Adapts lyrics to Groucho Marx song ”Lydia, the Tattooed Lady”: ”When her muscles start relaxin’/Up the hill comes Michael Jackson.”

4. Impressions of John Wayne and Marlon Brando.

5. With an aristocratic accent: ”So long, constable…You won’t have (me) to kick around anymore.”

6. ”Are you related to Mighty Mouse?” Later: ”What is this, some sort of Lord of the Flies preschool?”

A. Army disc jockey in Good Morning, Vietnam

B. Homeless ex-professor in The Fisher King

C. English teacher at boys prep school in Dead Poets Society

D. Used-car salesman in Cadillac Man

E. Adult Peter Pan in Hook

F. Ex-fireman-turned-island club owner in Club Paradise

Answers: 1.D; 2.A; 3.B 4.C; 5.F; 6.E