No More ''Little Miss Perfect''

Hot from Nickelodeon’s cable-TV hit Fifteen (1.2 million ”tween” viewers, claim the publicists) comes a new paperback book series. If you’re white, middle-class, female, suburban, and obsessed with your looks and relationships, the Fifteen series will hold up a mirror to your life.

In No More ”Little Miss Perfect,” the first of the series, Brooke steals Courtney’s diary! Courtney has a fight with her best friend, Ashley! Did Ashley steal bad-boy Dylan from Courtney? Courtney goes on a diet! You get the idea. No reader need fear an intellectual challenge, although no hovering parent need worry about obscenity or subversive ideas. This stuff slides down like a McDonald’s shake.

The question is, Do ”tweens” really need an extra dose of TV in written form? I hesitate even to call these publications books. I say this is bad soap opera, and I say the hell with it. D

No More ''Little Miss Perfect''
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