The kids of ''Honey, I Blew Up the Kid'' -- Talking with the now 3-year-old twins who play Adam Szalinski

Who says interviews with movie stars are all predictable fluffery? We caught up with Danny and Joshua Shalikar, the now-3-year-old twins who play Adam Szalinski in Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, and we had a conversation that proved stars needn’t be full of themselves to be big.

EW: Now that you guys finally got to see the finished movie, how did you like it?
Josh: I dunno. It was good. It was great.
Danny: G’morning! I’m playing with Play-Doh.
EW: What happens in the movie?
Josh: I dunno. (The boys’ mom, Audrey, whispers a few helpful asides.) Mom: What happened, guys, to Adam in the movie? What did Adam do?
Josh: He cried.
Danny: He could get big. And he cried. And the man was in the car and helicopters was shooting. And he cried and cried.
Josh: That wasn’t nice.
Danny: That was not nice. It’s not nice to shoot.
EW: Could a little kid really get big like that, Josh?
Danny: I’m Dan.
EW: Sorry, Dan. But would it be fun to get really big like that if you could?
Danny: No, not nice. Not nice shooting.
Mom: No, honey, we’re not talking about the movie anymore. This is a new question. Would it be fun to really get big like a giant, like Adam did?
Josh: Sure, uh-huh.
Danny: I’d cry. The helicopter was shooting with the gun and I was, I was crying.
Josh: I’d play guitar in the waterfall. We’d swim and be our bathing suits on.
EW: What did you do at the big movie premiere?
Mom (whispers): Gave autographs.
Josh: Ga’my autograph. Yeah, I did them. And then I, I didn’t want to. I was tired then. I was busy and now I’m tired.
Danny: I want chocolate milk!
EW: Will the movie make lots of money?
Josh: Two dollars. Mmmm…three dollars.
Danny: Five cents!
EW: Do you want to act again in a sequel?
Danny: Yeah.
Josh: No, not today.
EW: What do you want to be when you grow up? Actors?
Josh: I want to be 5 or 6.
Danny: I’m, I’m gonna be the man’s doctor.
Josh: I’m gonna be the boy’s docker. I’m gonna, yeah, gonna be the boy’s doctor. And I’m gonna be the man’s doctor too.
EW: What other movies do you like?
Dad (whispering loudly): Jungle Book.
Josh: Jungle Book. I like Bert and Ernie. And Cookie Monster. I sleeped with them when I was a baby.
Danny: I want choc’la milk.
Josh: I like spaghetti. I want spaghetti.
Mom: I think it’s time to get these boys some food.

Honey, I Blew Up the Kid
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