The Great White Wonder

Marooned in a pop culture evidently not to their taste, Wales’ Pooh Sticks chose another: the saccharine pop of the ’70s that echoed ’60s flower power. Like their giddy California kin Redd Kross, the Pooh Sticks shun explicit revivalism and parody; instead, they enthusiastically rummage around in the kitsch attic and find modern uses for yesterday’s junk. Appropriating song titles (like James Taylor’s ”Sweet Baby James” and the Eagles’ ”Desperado”) from rock & roll’s lost decade, one-named singer Hue and his chums coyly groove on a shag carpet of Partridge Family pop fun. The Great White Wonder (named after a vintage Bob Dylan bootleg) may be a little precious, but at least it’s brief (less than 39 minutes), and the surprising ”I’m in You” tears a gaping hole in its cottony sweetness with eight apocalyptic minutes of searing, staggering, Neil Young-style lead guitar. B+

The Great White Wonder
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