The appeal of The Great Mouse Detective, an animated, all-mice version of Sherlock Holmes is, well, elementary. When a toy maker is kidnapped from his workshop, his desperate daughter turns to Basil of Baker Street (the voice of Barrie Ingham) for help. He and his portly associate, Dr. Dawson (Val Bettin) set out to save the girl’s father — only to end up ratting out London’s furriest fiend, Professor Ratigan (Vincent Price). Younger children will be mesmerized (or is that mousemerized?) by the battle of wills between these rodent warriors, but be prepared: Even in lilliputian scale, the final, somewhat violent scenes could frighten young children. Older kids may be less enthused by this mousy story, though parents, particularly Basil Rathbone fans, will marvel at the accuracy with which this sophisticated homage hits Holmes. A-