Elvis Presley's report cards -- The King's school record will soon be released in a new book

Was Elvis Presley’s music teacher too cruel? How else to explain the C in music the once and future 107-hit king received on his eighth-grade report card?

Presley’s ironic grade and subsequent academic career in the Memphis school system will be revealed in the soon-to-be-published Elvis — From Memphis to Hollywood written by Elvis entourage member Alan Fortas. Other grades included C’s in speech, an F in typing, B’s and C’s in wood shop, and one shining A in 10th-grade English. This enlightening information about Elvis’ record at Humes High has been resting quietly in Fortas’ safe-deposit box since the summer of 1956 or 1957. Fortas was working in Memphis in his father’s junkyard when ”this big old truck came in from the Board of Ed and I thought, ‘Gee, it sure would be funny if I could find Elvis’ report card,”’ he says. ”Then I reached down into this barrel and picked up Elvis’ transcript.”

That night Fortas went over and told Presley of his find, including the C in music. Not one to get all shook-up over academia, the King just laughed.