Delta Burke's fight -- The actress takes on ''TV Guide'' after a recent cover story

Delta Burke is fighting mad over a recent TV Guide cover story that depicted her as an emotionally unstable prima donna and her husband, Gerald McRaney (Major Dad), as a gun-loving paranoiac intent on controlling her career. The former Designing Women star, who’ll appear in her own sitcom on ABC this fall, responded to the unusually harsh assessment last week by firing her publicist, Charlotte Parker.

McRaney’s PR man, Henri Bollinger, meanwhile, went on the offensive, saying he felt ”betrayed (by TV Guide), lied to, insulted, and enraged.” He says the magazine was given extraordinary access to the couple based on the understanding that the article would be a major feature about McRaney — not his wife.

In a letter to Bollinger, TV Guide editor Anthea Disney denied that the magazine misled anyone about the focus of the piece. As for publicist Parker, who got unflattering treatment of her own in the story, she refused to comment and referred all calls regarding Burke to the actress’ agent, Martin Hurwitz.