Alive TV: Not-For-Saturday Morning Animations

The funniest five minutes of television you’ll see this week come at the beginning of Not-For-Saturday Morning Animations, a mini-festival of innovative, animated shorts for grown-ups, grouped under the umbrella of PBS’ proudly oddball anthology Alive TV. In British director Nick Park’s astonishing Oscar winner ”Creature Comforts,” a gaggle of zoo creatures — a myopic koala bear, an elderly armadillo, a bored, stir-crazy gorilla, a puma who longs for the wide-open spaces of Brazil — discuss their lives behind bars. Are they talking about the cages we put them in or the ones we build for ourselves? While you decide, relish the film’s wit, charm, and dazzling, minutely detailed (down to the pursed lips, rolling eyes, and stifled yawns) Claymation. Not one of the four shorts that follow offers such exhilaration, so tune in early. For ”Creature Comforts,” an A+; overall, a B-.

Alive TV: Not-For-Saturday Morning Animations
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