Susan Lucci's competition -- Laurie Heineman, Judith Light, Robin Strasser, and more have triumphed over Lucci 13 times (so far)

Losing the Emmy 13 times isn’t such a bad gig. After all, All My Children‘s Susan Lucci gets more ink each year than those who win. As the women of daytime embark on another year of Emmy-seeking emoting, here’s a nod to the nine Best Actresses who’ve made Lucci the soaps’ perennial bridesmaid.

1978: Laurie Heineman, Another World.
Winning Move: Marital strife when husband discovered she had been a hooker.
Where is she now? Acting occasionally and using art therapy to help emotionally disturbed children.

1981: Judith Light, One Life to Live. Winning Move: Teary performance as a housewife/hooker (a trend?).
Now? Counting her Who’s the Boss? money.

1982: Robin Strasser, One Life. Winning Move: Put husband through marriage hell.
Now? Guest-starring on prime-time shows.

1983: Dorothy Lyman, All My Children. Winning Move: Provided comic relief as a gum-snapping hick.
Now? Has recurring role on Life Goes On.

1984, ’86, ’92: Erika Slezak, One Life. Winning Move: Traveled to the year 1888 and to heaven; played evil twin Niki; had a brain tumor.
Now? Starting her 22nd year on the show.

1985, ’87, ’90: Kim Zimmer, Guiding Light. Winning Move: Married both sons of her ex-husband; attempted suicide; disappeared after a car crash.
Now? Stars in Santa Barbara.

1988: Helen Gallagher, Ryan’s Hope. Winning Move: Crooned a heart-breaking Danny Boy.
Now? Pursuing roles in the theater.

1989: Marcy Walker, Santa Barbara. Winning Move: Survived a violent rape.
Now? Trying to live down 1991 prime-time bomb Palace Guard.

1991: Finola Hughes, General Hospital. Winning Move: Dated an alien from outer space; grieved in widowhood.
Now? Starring in the surprise hit summer series Jack’s Place.