New B-52's singer to sport wig -- Julee Cruise will wear an elaborate beehive wig for the band's eight-month concert tour

By Steve Garbarino
Updated July 17, 1992 at 04:00 AM EDT

The B-52’s pulled out the heavy artillery when they announced last month that Julee Cruise would replace longtime B vocalist Cindy Wilson on the band’s national tour starting next month. (Wilson officially left the band ”to be closer to her family.”) ”You have to have big hair to be in the B-52’s,” explains the New York-based singer-actress, 35, who will have to wear an elaborate beehive wig for the band’s eight-month concert stint. ”My hair just won’t go that big.”

But gobs of hair spray shouldn’t be that taxing for the gal who received her camp credentials singing on David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. B vocalist Kate Pierson says Cruise’s harmonies ”blend well” with the manic retro pop of the band, which just released its seventh album, Good Stuff. Though acting commitments may keep her from joining the B’s permanently, Cruise says, ”It’s like I’m joining the circus, or like the Beatles asked me to join them.” No mop tops allowed, though.