Doin' What I Gotta Do

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: A mediocre rapper who scored a few hits in the late ’80s returns with an album in which he repeatedly insists he’s the ”world’s greatest entertainer” and with a single (”Bustin’ Out”) that cops heavily from a funky Rick James hit. In all other respects, though, Doug E. Fresh is no Hammer; he isn’t as versatile, nor does he seem aware that the rap world has changed since his 1985 hit, ”The Show.” Doin’ What I Gotta Do sports the usual proportions of boasting, seduction, and social responsibility, but Doug E. offers nothing in these styles that L.L. Cool J, Keith Sweat, and KRS-One, respectively, haven’t done better. C-

Doin' What I Gotta Do
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