Change Everything

Singing this Scottish quintet’s praises is easy, but explaining why they sound so appealing isn’t. No one would have raised an eyebrow if Change Everything, their third album, had slid out of Britain during the mid-’70s prepunk days. Lead singer Justin Currie sounds like the Guess Who’s terminal shlub, Burton Cummings. Still, something at the core of Del Amitri — intelligent songs, lyrical depth, nifty musical hooks — sets the band apart. On Change Everything, Currie even smoothly tosses off portentous lines like ”a wastrel buys her cigarettes and wipes her pretty nose” without making them sound like Aqualung rejects. (What is it with lyricists and snotty noses, anyway?) Del Amitri may be no picnic to peg — the band’s record company calls it ”melodic, hard-edged folk-rock-pop” — but rock & roll that means anything isn’t supposed to be. B+

Change Everything
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