Xodus: The New Testament

Maybe George Bush should have sent this New York-based rap crew to the Earth Summit, because they certainly know how to recycle. Xodus‘ funky, extended introduction, in which disconnected voices dis the group over a throbbing bass line, sounds unmistakably like the opening of Public Enemy’s ”Fear of a Black Planet.” One of Xodus‘ more climactic moments, the antipolice ”F.T.P.,” owes its chorus to N.W.A’s 1988 hit, ”F— Tha Police.” Nonetheless, Xclan doesn’t bore because chief lyricist Brother J. pumps new energy into rusty ideas. Witness the way he wields his commanding baritone: stuttering, pausing, and rising — milking his rhymes for dramatic tension. Even over forgettable (though very funky) music, Brother J. makes Xodus a trip worth taking. B

Xodus: The New Testament
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