Vanessa Williams: The Comfort Zone Collection

Vanessa Williams has learned the hard way that image matters, which may be why she makes sure that her videos in The Comfort Zone Collection showcase her so effectively. She had Truth or Dare director Alek Keshishian film three from her first album, The Right Stuff, and these five, from her 1991 follow-up, The Comfort Zone, range from stylishly decadent (the Weimar cabaret atmosphere of ”Just for Tonight”) to pulse-acceleratingly sexy (”Running Back to You”). Unfortunately, between each song lies a tide pool of sludgy, sub-liner-note commentary (Williams: ”The lyrics of ‘Just for Tonight’ are…me pleading for just one more night”) and anecdotes so wan they give filler a bad name. How, for instance, did Williams obtain her No. 1 single, ”Save the Best for Last”? ”It was submitted by the publishing company, basically,” she says. Next song, please. C

Vanessa Williams: The Comfort Zone Collection
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