The Time Has Come

Is newcomer Martina McBride the next Trisha Yearwood? As with Yearwood’s platinum debut, McBride’s The Time Has Come features a duet (”Cheap Whiskey”) with Garth Brooks, who has further supported her career by offering her the opening spot on his upcoming tour. Although this stylish bow contains a smattering of old-style country (the yodeling ”True Blue Fool”), it’s mostly contemporary country-pop laced with mandolin and steel guitar, focusing on a woman’s attempt to gather strength in ending unhappy affairs (”The Time Has Come”). While McBride’s supple soprano resonates with emotional experience, it occasionally belies a young, amateurish technical quality. More often than not, McBride impresses as a singer who’s intent on making music both for the charts and from her heart. B

The Time Has Come
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