Terminal Bliss

Before he moved to Beverly Hills, heartthrob Luke Perry appeared in Terminal Bliss, a desultory drama about alienated kids from unhappy homes. The nominal star is Tim Owen as a typically sensitive rebel-without-a-clue. But Perry makes the more noticeable splash as Owen’s backstabbing best friend, who steals his girl, rapes her little sister, and commits other antisocial acts, all because he’s unloved. With its dark-toned cinematography and moody music, this movie has atmosphere to spare, but it’s all for show — a lot of too — cool teen angst signifying nothing. Filmed in 1989, Terminal Bliss hits video to capitalize on the Luke rage after a scattered theatrical release last spring. But only his most raging fans will find it blissful. D+

Terminal Bliss
  • Movie
  • 93 minutes