Dana Carvey, Gennifer Flowers, and David Letterman are some of the election players not on the ballet

Dana Carvey
Killer impressions of both Bush and Perot have made him the 1992 campaign’s house comedian. We can’t wait to see him in a debate with himself.

Murphy Brown
It’s not nice to pick on a new mother, especially one with 34 million fans. Look for her to strike back this fall — just in time for the election.

Potato Kid
William Figueroa. He’s young, he’s bright, and he’s a better speller than Quayle. Perhaps Clinton should make him a running mate.

Morning Shows
They’ve become the one essential pit stop for candidates.

Dennis Miller
He’s at his best when taking on the candidates in his monologues, and lately he has had plenty of raw material to work with.

Mario Cuomo
Clinton all but promised him a Supreme Court nomination. And since it happened on MTV, there are witnesses.

Sister Souljah
Now, everybody knows her name…

Sister Souljah
…but hardly anybody’s buying her record.

Gennifer Flowers
From woman scorned to self-parodying Dream On guest star in just a few short months. Have the No Excuses jeans folks called yet?

Sunday-Morning Pundits
With the candidates bypassing him for MTV, Arsenio, and Bryant-and-Katie, David Brinkley looks lonely. And The McLaughlin Group seems about as relevant as Pat Buchanan.

The Cultural Elite
The Media
This year’s cuss words.

David Letterman
The most apolitical of late-night personalities, he could use more political zing in his election-year monologues: It wouldn’t hurt him to read a newspaper once in a while.

We can take Perot’s silent t, and even Gennifer’s tacky g. But potato with an e? Give us a breake.

Dan Rather
Nobody to talk to, nobody to tangle with, no way around the fact that the evening news doesn’t matter the way it used to.

According to the Times Mirror Center for the People and the Press, one-third of late-night viewers under 30 say they learn about the election from jokes. Some of the best:

”We still don’t know where the candidates stand. All we know for sure is that Ross Perot hasn’t said anything, Bush hasn’t done anything, and Clinton hasn’t inhaled anything.” — Jay Leno

From the list titled ”Top 10 Things Dan Quayle Does Like About TV”: ”No. 8: Matlock proves our justice system is working. No. 6: Keeps him up-to-date on current White House activities. No. 1: When It’s ‘Dumb Guy’ week on Wheel of Fortune.” — David Letterman

Batman Returns did very well this weekend. Well, it’s obvious that Americans like a billionaire on a single-handed crusade against evil, even if he does have really big ears.” — Dennis Miller

”If Bill Clinton becomes President, will we have to change that presidential song to ‘Inhale to the Chief’?” — Arsenio Hall

”President Bush said in a speech last week, ‘Americans should become more in touch with the victims of poverty.’ And you know something? Everyone at that thousand-dollar-a-plate dinner agreed with him.” — Jay Leno