Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on ''Patriot Games,'' Billy Ray Cyrus, and Danny Glover

Mail from our readers

‘Games’ Manship
Thank you for your great article on Patriot Games (#122, June 12) and super cover of Harrison Ford, who is surely America’s most versatile actor and just keeps getting better. He is truly the only male ”movie star” around, combining the qualities of an action hero and thoughtful maturity that appeal to almost everyone. You captured this well and with great insight, and I hope both Ford and your wonderful publication keep up the good work.
Susan Schmuckler
San Diego

Patriot Games director Phillip Noyce calls Tom Clancy’s research ”exemplary” ? Clancy’s adulation of Thatcherism and the royal family resulted in such a distorted, through-British-eyes-only view of ”the Troubles” in Northern Ireland that I found myself rooting for the terrorists out of contempt for Clancy’s simplistic Good Us/Bad Them treatment of Britain’s war with the IRA. Clancy’s technical research may be ”exemplary,” but his shallow (mis) understanding of social, political, and economic realities makes him the Ronald Reagan of thriller writers: The less you know, the more believable he is.
Bill Wescott
Van Buren, Ark.

Yea, Billy Ray
Yes, Billy Ray Cyrus is definitely a hunk and has some moves that could make Michael Jackson blush. And yes, this probably helped to sell his first album, Some Gave All. But he really can sing, and he can write some darned good songs. So Billy Ray, don’t listen to the critics; listen to your fans. We know you’re here to stay, and we love you.
Karen Harris
La Monte, Mo.

Although I appreciate the article recognizing newcomer Billy Ray Cyrus, I am also a big Garth Brooks fan. You state that ”Cyrus, 30, has done what even Garth Brooks didn’t do: get a country song played on pop radio.” I have personally heard Brooks’ songs ”Shameless” and ”Thunder Rolls” on a local pop station.
Dana Harrell
Tallahassee, Fla.

Fits Like A Glover
Your story on Danny Glover says that ”he’s not a guy with any label, which sometimes confounds people looking to put one of Hollywood’s most bankable black actors in some kind of category. And yet, category-free…” But aren’t you categorizing him as a ”black actor”? Why can’t Mr. Glover just be ”one of Hollywood’s most bankable actors”?
Brandt Heisner
El Dorado, Ark.

Mix Master
Regarding Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ”Baby Got Back” being called racist and sexist (News & Notes): I’ll be the first one to say that much of the music industry is sexist and racist. But I found Sir Mix-A-Lot’s song funny, refreshing, and validating to those of us who fit the song’s description. So, ”Cosmo says you’re fat/Well I ain’t down with that.” Luckily, my husband and others like him agree.
J. Gallagher
New Baltimore, Mich.