Goldie Hawn, Claudia Schiffer, and Sally Field made headlines this week

Entertainment news for July 10, 1992

Rear Window: In Housesitter, Goldie Hawn shows off what she and her producers appear to consider her finest asset. In the first 20 minutes of the film, Hawn is shot from behind nine times; over the entire film, her derriere is in front of the camera a total of 28 times, usually in skintight jeans, clinging miniskirts, or revealing aerobics garb.

Stone Again: In Dave, the new Sigourney Weaver-Kevin Kline movie about a presidential look-alike who is thrust into the Oval Office after the real guy has a heart attack, Oliver Stone has agreed to do a cameo. An insider says the director will play himself in the Ivan Reitman-directed film, appearing on a national TV talk show to point out the inconsistencies between photos of the real President and his double. It’s a conspiracy, Stone will insist gravely.

Throw In A Towel: The best place to be a fly on the wall this spring was the French West Indies, where sultry Guess? model Claudia Schiffer frolicked in the surf clad in a basic beach towel and a black-and-white polka-dot bikini. The occasion? Her second annual swimsuit calendar, due Aug. 1, which was shot in maximum secrecy. While a spokeswoman confirms the photos are ”guaranteed to make anyone drop dead from jealousy,” she insists they are ”very modest.”

A Brush With Greatness: At a recent AIDS fund-raiser where celebrities worked outdoor carnival booths, former president Ronald Reagan and wife Nancy paid a visit to Sally Field’s penny-pitching booth. Field was asked by a publicist, ”Sally, you know the Reagans, don’t you?” Field, who had campaigned against them, said, ”No, I don’t.” Nancy coolly replied, ”Don’t worry, dear, we won’t hurt you.” Stunned, Field shook Nancy’s hand. After the couple left, Field told the publicist, ”Wasn’t that strange? I thought her reaction was rather odd. I’m a known Democrat, but I don’t think we’ve ever wanted to hurt each other.”

Vote, Dude: NBC and the League of Women Voters have joined to jump-start the youth vote this fall with our favorite geeks. Superimposed on an American flag, Wayne and Garth are now appearing on a poster distributed to high schools, urging students to register. How much do they care? Mike Myers and Dana Carvey were ”too busy and on hiatus to talk about voting,” says a Saturday Night Live spokeswoman. Myers’ agent adds, ”Mike’s a real proud Canadian, so he’ll pass on talking about the election.”

Written by: Pat H. Broeske, Giselle Benatar, Michael Szymanski, Harold Goldberg