Cable covers the DNC -- MTV and Comedy Central are some of the networks sending people to cover the Democratic National Convention

On MTV, you’ll be able to see the delegates being interviewed by Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine. On Comedy Central, you can watch George McGovern, Walter Mondale, and Eugene McCarthy getting kicked around on The Losers’ Roundtable. ABC, CBS, and NBC may be limiting the hours they’ll devote to the Democratic National Convention (July 13-16), but a couple of unlikely cable channels are leaping unto the breach with wacky coverage of their own, blending politics and entertainment in unheard-of ways. MTV is sending Mustaine to the convention, along with VJ Tabitha Soren, to offer his take on the political process for MTV News (broadcast each day at 8 p.m. during The Day in Rock). Comedy Central will be covering the event with Indecision ’92, four live two-hour broadcasts anchored by Saturday Night Live‘s Al Franken, with comedian-writer Buck Henry reporting from the floor (9-11 p.m. each day; the network will give the Republicans equal time next month at their convention in Houston). Plans for between-speech segments include: Chrisfire (a Crossfire-style debate among Chris Buckley, Christopher Hitchens, and other political commentators named Chris) and a Franken-Clinton interview, which probably won’t be played just for yuks. ”We won’t get him to do Elvis impersonations or anything,” Franken says. ”We’ll just ask him questions he normally doesn’t get asked.” Governor Clinton, America wants to know: Who’s your favorite Monkee?

Nixon’s the One
Technically, Perot, Clinton, and Bush aren’t the first presidential candidates to take their message to the people by appearing on lightweight TV shows. On Sept. 16, 1968, Republican contender Richard Nixon appeared on NBC’s Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In and uttered its most famous catchphrase: ”Sock it to me?” — Bruce Fretts