The Best of the Patty Duke Show

Patty (Patty Duke) is a fun-loving American teen. Cathy (Patty Duke) is a cultured Scottish teen. And they’re identical-twin cousins! How wacky! Once you get past the biogenetic premise of this three-season ABC sitcom, Patty Duke is goofy fun — young Oscar winner (The Miracle Worker) Duke tries so hard to play the typical teen she never was. In these eight episodes, Patty thinks a doctor’s in love with her, bags Sammy Davis Jr. as prom entertainment, meets Sal Mineo, helps two pop singers break into the charts, reminisces about meeting Cathy, and Dukes it out with her twin in a run for school office. Occasionally, period commercials are thrown in, seemingly arbitrarily. Put together without affection or savvy, The Best of the Patty Duke Show (available on laserdisc only) gives us neither the premiere episode nor specific air dates — the disc jacket doesn’t even identify such guests as Troy Donahue, Frank Sinatra Jr., Daniel J. Travanti (then billed as Dan Travanty). In short, this is no twin peak. C+

The Best of the Patty Duke Show
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