America's Funniest Families

Aside from being the sort of thing every discerning person would love to hate, this new compilation of camcorder slapstick derived from the America’s Funniest Home Videos TV series fall squarely into the Flogging a Dead You-Name-It category. The thing is, most of the material on this tape is genuinely funny. The Funniest Families tape, however, milks absolute hysteria out of an even dicier concept. Just when you think you’ve seen as many clips of kids turning garden hoses on their parents’ nether regions as you can stand, they pull out one that puts you in stitches. Unfortunately, host Bob Saget can get cloying quickly, and the fact remains that no matter how hard you laugh (and you will laugh), you’ll feel bad about it later. B+

America's Funniest Families
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