Sketch Artist

Jeff Fahey of The Lawnmower Man stars as a police sketch artist working on a murder case. Fahey draws a picture of a suspect described to him by a witness, played by Drew Barrymore (Poison Ivy), and is stunned to see that the sketch looks exactly like his wife, portrayed by Sean Young.

This sub-Twilight Zone plot, hatched by Michael Angeli, results in a slack little thriller, as Fahey tries desperately to prove that someone other than Young is the killer. But there’s no spark between these two actors, who walk through Sketch Artist with bored, hangdog expressions. It’s impossible to understand why Fahey is so sure Young didn’t commit the crime, or, if she did, why he should be particularly interested in keeping her out of prison. A little jail time might snap both of them out of their bad moods. D

Sketch Artist
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