Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't on Bruce Springsteen, ''Murphy Brown,'' and ''The Real World''

Mail from our readers

  • Who’s Boss?
  • I enjoyed your article on Bruce Springsteen (#121, June 5). But his recent record sales don’t constitute ”failure”; it was a marketing error to release two records simultaneously. If he had combined the material and released one, stronger album, the sales would have been different. Try combining the sales figures of the two albums and then see where it would have rated on the charts! How many of us Springsteen fans bought both albums? I bought only one!
  • Gail Yu
  • Tacoma, Wash.

What ever happened to Bruce? What happens to all of us? Our lives change. We learn from experience. We ”grow up.” Springsteen’s music has always reflected his innermost emotional peaks and valleys. It sounds like Bruce has finally found ”that place/Where we really want to go/And we’ll walk in the sun.”
Christopher M. Renaldo

Bruce Springsteen’s albums are selling ”modestly well,” he’s not outselling his past blockbuster albums, and he’s a bystander to the L.A. riots. What’s so enormously wrong with all that? Nobody ever outsells or matches his past blockbusters, and everybody is a bystander to the L.A. riots. Give the guy a break.
Steven Lashway
Saranac, N.Y.

I am thrilled that Bruce Springsteen’s new albums aren’t topping the charts and that record stores are poised to return lots of copies to Sony. Now, with any luck, maybe I can get tickets to his concerts this summer without having to program into my phone every Ticketron number within a 100-mile radius.
A Jersey Girl

Murphy’s Law
I’ll concede that Vice President Quayle picked the wrong target — the popular sitcom character Murphy Brown is a law unto herself. But you don’t have to be a conservative to be concerned that the moral drift of this country has been going on for far too long now. The Hollywood entertainment juggernaut must take its share of the blame for the decline in good, decent, ”old-fashioned” American values and their subtle replacement with a ”life is cheap, nothing is really morally wrong” philosophy.
Michael Wieczorek
Bridgeport, Conn.

I want to gag when I hear how everyone is jumping on the ”bash Quayle and glorify Murphy” bandwagon. Murphy had unprotected sex with a man she hadn’t seen in years and the worst thing that happened to her is a baby?!? What about AIDS?! Some role model…
Teri Sue Leigh
Spring Valley, Calif.

Getting ‘Real’
Thank you for the article about MTV’s The Real World. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I’ve been waiting for this kind of show for years! This is what every other show in television wants to be: realistic! If MTV is playing Star Search, I hope Julie wins.
Shane Morton
Van Wert, Ohio