A techno music primer -- We recommend our favorite electronic albums and artists including The Prodigy, The KLF, and Moby

Listening to the flickering beats and machine-driven buzzes of this techno primer will tickle you from your eardrums on down to your feet. Welcome to the pleasure dome:

LFO: We Are Back
Robotlike effects make you feel like you’re dancing with the aliens.

ORBITAL: Orbital
Hypnotic rhythms and intricate melodies melt in your ears — then it all speeds up into a frenzy.

THE ORB: Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld
A psychedelic trip through mind and machine: Pink Floyd without guitars.

THE PRODIGY Everybody in Their Place
Frenetic keyboards, loud choruses, and a breakneck tempo fit for the Indy 500.

A beat-crazed anthem built around the Twin Peaks theme song, by our leading techno DJ.

L.A. STYLE: James Brown Is Dead
An organ that’ll pump you dry, beats that fire at you like an AK-47, and a drony voice that mouths gimmicky lyrics.

THE KLF: The White Room
Top 40 but unpredictable — from a Tammy Wynette vocal to hard, fast beats and mushy dub rhythms.

808 STATE: Pacific
New Age dance music with a vision beyond the here and now.

T99: Children of Chaos Charged orchestral sweeps, sci-fi bleeps, and adrenaline-rush rhythms mark their 1991 smash, ”Anasthasia.”

ALTERN 8: Evapor-8
Inspired samples, unstoppable beats, wild sonic textures, and infectious grooves.