Pure Attraction

It’s hard to know if you’d have to be exceedingly clever, or just unfocused, to write and sing contemporary Christian songs that almost work as garden-variety love songs. If the results make your heart leap, the material is doing its job, one way or another. But the songs on Kathy Troccoli’s Pure Attraction (with two of the more secular ones, including the irksomely buoyant hit ”Everything Changes,” penned by schmaltz doyenne Diane Warren) could stultify the most stalwart heart. They’re so antiseptic they sound scrubbed clean, like a kitten that has nearly been licked bald by its well-meaning but overly fastidious mother. In ”You’ve Got a Way” and ”Love Was Never Meant to Die,” synthesizers plink like electronic raindrops, then swell to monsoon-like proportions, but their power flows from the control panel rather than the heart. Troccoli’s vocals have an earthy warmth but they stand at odds with the record’s glossiness. When a vocalist wants that little light of hers to shine, she shouldn’t need polyurethane to do it. C-

Pure Attraction
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